Can’t travel yet? Have a virtual trip with us.

There might be those times when you really want to see more of the world, but alas, your bank account and wallet hardly seem to be very cooperative. As a result, you’re likely to be stuck at home, envying your next-door neighbor who always seems to be ticking off one item per month off her bucket list. But of course, if doing the laundry or watching the news every single day is no longer appealing to you, here’s a little something from Fasten Seatbelts: a grand virtual trip.

This virtual trip is exactly what it is, except that it is, in actuality, even more exciting. There are countless virtual destinations to choose from, from every continent that you can possibly think of (well there are less than ten, so it’s not that much work). We assure you, though, going on this virtual trip will certainly be a better deal than your couch potato weekends.


Meet and Greet Fellow Travellers.

We here at Fasten Seatbelts believe that the essence of travel is primarily making and sharing memories together. Needless to say, because there are times when you travel alone, you might be of the opinion that such memories are simply things that you shall have to recall and reminisce alone, too. Of course, this would be highly mistaken. You see, with us, we will gladly give you the opportunity to share these memories and experiences with people who think, feel, and travel like you, through our Meet and Greet event.

This event is directed towards those who are mainly solo travelers or backpackers (but of course those who love to travel with a group are also welcome to join). The design of the event is to allow for more sharing of stories and experiences, in the hopes of being able to capture the real beauty and essence of what it means to see the world and be changed in the process.


More Events in Store

If you keep yourself posted, we’ll be more than happy to give you updates about future events with us. As always, we hope to meet you someday soon.