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“Learning a new language is always a joy – it throws open new arenas! It helps you break barriers, get to know a world beyond your own, a world that has the same humans but is different and unique in its own ways!”

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Ten tips for travelling with friends

Travelling Buddies

Visiting other countries with your friends is lovely. Everybody wants things to go smoothly, but sometimes the unexpected happens that might ruin your friendship. The tips for going on a journey with friends might be the right thing to save your relationships with your travelling buddies. You can “find some cheap bezienswaardigheden amsterdam jordaan” or find some cheap sights amsterdam jordaan if you want to travel.

Ask yourself what everyone is expecting from the trip. It is not to say that if everyone has the same destination in mind that your friends want to get the same experience out of it. There is going to be some conflict as who want to go where. Some people love the historic sites while others would like to party. You can “use your kortingscode zalando besteding 50 euro now” or use your discount code zalando spending 50 euros now to shop the things you need for travelling.

Work out ahead of schedule what your travelling arrangements will be. While some do not mind the public transport, others might feel the need for more comfort like renting a car. Accommodation can also become a huge issue, your friends might not mind camping and roughing it, but you might want your creature comforts.

You do not have to do everything together. Keep your individuality. Do things separately if you want to. You do not have to do this every day, but some days. Imagine sharing all your experiences with each other.

Be as flexible as possible. There will always be one to worry about every little detail of the adventure. Your friends might not like the local food, hate the accommodation and be worried about the money. Compromise if you must but be firm when you can.

Travelling with friends can make you want some time alone. A quiet time might recharge your energy for the next adventure.

Do not let money ruin your trip. Make sure that you stick to the budget as best as you are able. Flexibility will be needed though. Many unexpected things can happen, and if it is not too costly, it will be better to spend the few extra pennies than to ruin a relationship.


Plan of Action


It would be great to plan how you are going to work with the money. Always have a plan of action. Consider the type of meals that you will enjoy and how costly it might be. You need to establish how the group will split the food bill ahead of time.

You need to make decisions, but never make them when you are hungry or stressed. First, eat then figure out how you will get to the airport on time. Even missing the train could be daunting, especially when you are in a foreign country. The most import thing is not to get wound up about it. Get help and don’t stress.

Relationships can be very tricky, that is why it is of the highest importance to keep the communication flowing. Do not allow things to build up, instead express your concerns.

Travelling can be fun, but it can be challenging to travel with friends. Try to keep these tips in mind when you decide to embark on your next adventure.

To Greet People, To Say ‘Thank You’ Or To Show Respect


There are multiple ways to execute this gesture, depending on one’s social class, gender and age. Generally, the higher the hands are in relation to the face and the lower the head is bowed, the more respect the wai-giver is showing. When you go on a business trip on Amsterdam, the people there have their own way to show respect.You can “compare tour rate on bezienswaardigheden amsterdam en omgeving” or compare tour rate on sights amsterdam and surroundings to save more. You can also compare the amsterdam card vs museumkaart on which is easy to use and where you can choose a tour packages.

The ‘wai’ began as an ancient greeting with which people showed each other they were carrying no weapons. It is also said to be related to a Buddhist religious custom. After certain prayers, it is customary to clasp one’s hands together and bring them down towards the ground three times.




  • a younger person (male or female) greets an older person first. You raise both hands, palms close together, and bow your head a little to meet your hands at about the level of your nose.
  • When entering a room with numerous older people in it, it is customary for the young person to wai everyone individually.
  • The older person accepts the greeting by means of the wai to return the honour.
  • Normally Thai people greet each other always and anywhere by means of the wai gesture, but for close friends a wai is not considered necessary.
  • In the workplace it is good for junior people to show respect to senior people by means of the wai. Here, hierarchy overrides age; so a person who is older, but less high in the organisation, will wai a person who may be younger, but is higher in rank. You can buy a book about different ways of gesture and use the gobuy.com.ph coupon and save on your next purchase.